The Intricate Web Of Informal Wedding Dress That Many Don't Know Of

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Just because a wedding is considered informal doesn't mean there is no class or style! There are various explanation why brides are choosing the less formal wedding. More color options are available for the informal bridal dress, weddings are conducted in more casual settings than the traditional church ceremony, and it can be considerably less expensive than purchasing the formal wedding gowns. read on

Working Wardrobe Inspiration: Long Prom Dress For Work In Style

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Work wear is often associated with long, dull days at the office and so usually tends to have the same kind of feel! At Goddiva we don’t think this should be the case, you should be able to look smart and chic but still stylish and gorgeous at work. So we have put our pretty work wear into a guide to help you find your sass at the office. read on

How to balance and match your masquerade prom dress with your masquerade mask

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Masquerade proms are a reason of joy and excitement among youngsters, as they represent the perfect opportunity to look classy and mysterious at the same time. Normally, women are more excited than men when it comes to finding the perfect outfit, but the whole process can be quite annoying when it comes to this type of event. Most of them already have in mind what kind of dress they would wear, the problem consisting in finding a matching masquerade mask. However, this will no longer be a problem thanks to this article, which is designed to give you some simple and yet successful tips on how to complete your outfit with a unique matching mask. read on

Perfect prom dress: Make your sign statement

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Your perfect prom dress can be your ticket to fame. read on

Jovani prom dress: Branded & beautiful

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A Jovani prom dress is one of the most sought after prom dresses in the world. This is not just because of its brand name but also of its exquisite quality. read on